Our Value Proposition

Retain, Train & Attain is the New Profit Gain

Thriving workplace cultures and organizations support employee engagement and career development

Today’s workplace is complicated. Leaders need to navigate the everchanging landscape of their organizations. The past few years have only amplified these complexities and brought to attention the gaps in employee engagement and job satisfaction. Gallup’s 2022 State of the Global Workplace:

  • Only 33% of employees in the United States and Canada are engaged at work
  • 71% of employees in the United States and Canada said now is a good time to find a new job

Common reasons for disengagement include burnout, toxic workplace, lack of trust and no career development or associate coaching.

Research findings from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the International Coaching Federation (ICF):

  • 54% of high performing organizations are classified as coaching organizations
  • 45% of employees surveyed say they will “definitely” or “probably” move to an external organization
  • Only 33% of men and 24% of women believe that leadership cares about their career development and opportunities
  • Only 33% of men and 21% of women believe that leadership is focused on their skill development to help them in their careers

Yet, companies that align their culture and talent with their corporate strategy outperform their peers

Career development opportunities assist organizations in scaling competencies and managing attrition

A Variety of Services to Help You Scale Your Organizational Capability


Coaching Dashboard

LMS Online Training

In-Person Training

Individual Coaching

Expertise in a variety of assessments for individuals and teams, including 360s, personality, strengths, emotional intelligence, team, culture, motivation, etc.

An online coaching dashboard using AI technology to glean insights from assessments to provide daily coaching tips to individuals and managers.

An online LMS training library, providing more that 140 courses to individuals and teams to develop self, people and business leadership capability.

In-person, full-day and half-day training sessions for individuals and teams to develop self, people and business leadership capability within organizations.


1×1 coaching with individuals and teams helping them become the best versions of themselves by leveraging their strengths and developing their shadows.

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