Vic Clesceri

Our Founder & Lead Sherpa


Vic is an experienced management executive, professor, consultant and executive coach. Vic has successfully led businesses and teams across many industries including food & beverage, pharmaceutical, dairy, nonprofit, education and sports memorabilia. In addition to his broad industry experience, Vic has led two successful consulting businesses – Vienesse, Inc. and The Management Sherpa™. Vic’s consulting expertise is in building people capability, developing organizational capability and enhancing execution capability. Vic’s ability to see untapped potential in people and create development plans rooted in competencies, skills and behaviors have consistently driven measurable results.

In addition to his professional experience, Vic has been an adjunct management professor for twenty years, teaching courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels at four universities. Courses taught include organizational behavior, management, change management, marketing, marketing research, problem solving and decision making, finance for nonprofits, and business communications. Vic’s passion and academic area of expertise is organizational behavior. He has been leading and developing people, teams, functions and cultures, using his “6 Ps” leadership philosophy and his “Spade” talent management framework. Vic is an expert in teaching people and organizations to deliver greater levels of ROPR™ – Return on Personal Relationship – by focusing on building talent within organizations.

Vic holds many certifications in personality and aptitude assessments and is an industry leader in utilizing assessments in all areas of integrated talent management – workforce planning, talent acquisition, talent development, performance management and succession planning. He successfully achieves this by mapping core competencies, skills, behaviors and company core values to assessment attributes within job specs and success profiles for greater success in talent acquisition and more effective training and development.

Vic disrupts conventional thinking and shifts paradigms to implement change management initiatives to help people, organizations and communities succeed. He has done this within boardrooms, classrooms, and communities, through his work, consulting, lecturing, advising, coaching and philanthropy.

Vic’s mission statement:  “To coach, teach, train, mentor, develop, equip, guide and serve people.”

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