“If we put humanity—our communities, our people—in the center… while still competing, still innovating & moving fast, businesses can move mountains.”
– Hamdi Ulukaya


Attracting talent begins with understanding the competencies and roles needed to deliver business results. Then it is making the decision to get the right people into the right jobs, while new associates are onboarded effectively, feel connected and become productive. We assist HR in shaping this process.


Developing talent is continuing to build upon associates' competencies and identifying opportunities to enhance skills. Development is the process of preparing associates for current and future duties, helping them exhibit company skills and behaviors in their work, and equipping them to deliver results. We assist with competencies, job profiles, skill assessment and IDP frameworks.


Performance management is the process of ensuring activities and outputs meet organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner. This occurs through coaching feedback between managers and associates, aligning on goals and measuring and rewarding success. We develop performance management scorecards and assist with training on coaching feedback.


Career planning is the forward-looking process of predicting talent needs, evaluating the talent supply within the organization and ensuring talent exists to meet these needs. This creates predictable and sustainable competitive advantage. We assist HR with leading the holistic integrated talent management process.