The Management Sherpa™ Consulting Philosophy

A MANAGEMENT SHERPA – A business native known to GUIDE and help CARRY the load for clients preparing for an ambitious journey.

  • PEOPLE are the foundation of any organization and its greatest asset
  • PARTNERSHIPS are strategic collaborations within and outside the organization
  • PLATFORMS are strategies rooted in insights that drive the organization’s value proposition and competitive advantage 
  • PROCESSES deliver greater levels of effectiveness, simplicity, accountability and collaboration
  • PROGRAMS are the tactics, actions and behaviors that drive strategic platforms and deliver results
  • PERFORMANCE is achieved via the successful execution of the 5 Ps above

3 Stages to Plan Your Summit Attempt and Deliver Peak Results

Build People

Base Camp

At BASE CAMP, we build individual and team competencies and strengths. Key focus areas include leadership, emotional and social intelligence, problem solving and decision making, and collaboration and communication.

Develop Organizations

Camp 2

Once a solid foundation is formed, we equip and develop organizations in CAMP 2 to succeed through better strategy and more effective processes.

Enhance Execution


On the way to THE SUMMIT, we assist people and organizations by ensuring that the execution of clearly defined tactics will deliver against strategy.

Delmar D., President

"Vic's perspective on integrated talent management is one of the most informed and sophisticated I have encountered in my years as an HR executive and personality assessment publisher."


Brian J., President

"He guided the district through one of its most influential times with poise, character, vision, and passion. Due in part because of his efforts, our district has continued to flourish while educating the children of Houston, Texas."

Tammy B., SVP

"His combination of leadership qualities, and good communications skills coupled with his ability to drive and motivate teams would make him an exceptional asset to any organization."

Michael S., CEO

"His understanding of Organizational Development is exceptional and truly one of the best I have ever seen. He has proven to be a valuable advisor and great resource for our startup company."


Brad M., VP

"Vic has worked with me in an executive coaching relationship providing excellent insight, ideas, and overall support in my growth as a leader. His passion for talent development is without question."

Krista P., Manager

"His cross-functional leadership and guidance in implementing a new talent acquisition, development and management assessment in our organization was truly incredible."